GVMA LEAP CE - Frequently Asked Questions

What is LEAP CE?
LEAP (Legal, Ethical and Professional) CE is an education program created by the GVMA to help veterinarians meet new requirements from the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine.

How many hours of LEAP CE are required?
Veterinarians must have at least two hours of continuing education in Georgia laws and rules, and legal, ethical and professional issues each biennial licensure period (2009-2010). Veterinary technicians are required to have one hour per licensure period.

How do I know what CE is approved?
The simple answer is to attend the GVMA LEAP CE offerings. The GVMA has worked directly with the State Board to create approved CE for all GVMA LEAP programs. If you are uncertain whether the CE you obtained from non-GVMA events meets the requirements contact the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine at (478) 207-2440.

Where can I get LEAP CE?
Our next LEAP event is Veterinarians' Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, February 3. Call GVMA at 678-309-9800 for more. The GVMA also has resources to provide LEAP CE throughout the state. Contact the GVMA at 678-309-9800 if you would like to bring LEAP CE to your location.

How much does LEAP CE cost?
LEAP CE is free for all GVMA members, and free registration for LEAP CE only is available for members at any meeting where LEAP CE is offered. If attending non-LEAP CE, regular registration rates apply. Registration rates will also apply to non GVMA members.