The GVMA has several committees working on an ever-changing series of issues. Committees work on ongoing projects or programs and are appointed by the president as a need arises for a well defined mission and time frame.

This is a wonderful way to get involved with the GVMA and to help advance the practice of veterinary medicine in Georgia. We always have volunteer opportunities available. The time commitment required varies but we will work with you to find something that fits into your busy schedule. If you are interested in joining one of these groups or if you have an issue you think should be addressed, please contact the GVMA office at 800-853-1625.

Current Committees - 

Academy for Continuing Education
The academy develops and coordinates continuing education activities for Georgia veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and staff. Suggestions for speakers, topics, or locations are always welcome.
Chair: Open Position - please contact Susan Blevins for information at

Advocacy Committee
This group of dedicated individuals acts as a watchdog for legislation affecting all veterinarians in the state of Georgia. They direct GVMA lobbying efforts, which provides financial support for legislators championing our interest.
Chair: Dr. Vince Obsitnik (770) 487-1338

Budget & Audit Committee
The Budget & Finance Committee is charged with the financial health of the association. The committee is familiar with the resources and assets of the association and will make recommendations on expenditures and investments, including developing an annual budget for the Board of Directors to review.
Treasurer: Dr. Duffy Jones (404) 812-9880

Wellness Committee
The Wellness Committee’s charter is to identify, verify, assist and support veterinarians, family members or staff members who are impaired by reason of their addiction to or abuse of drugs, including alcohol. The committee also serves as an advocate for the impaired person with the family, state board, peers, employers and government enforcement agencies. Confidential assistance is available 24 hours a day by calling Dr. Bill Disque (912) 638-9325